Burris - 11 X 6.0-6 Treaded Tire - XR/Plus/V1

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Developed for Onewheel off-roading! 

Less round/carvey than the 5.5. The 6.0 has a flatter center and slightly larger contact patch.

The Burris 11 x 6.0-6 treaded tire was designed as an evolution of the 11 x 5.5-6 that many Onewheel riders have enjoyed. The new 11 x 6.0-6 offers more stability than its predecessor with the slick center rib for more stability and grip on the streets, while putting tread further up the sidewall for better traction and carving on the trails. The sidewalls have been modified to make them more durable than previous versions for better slides and grinds, making this the ultimate off road Onewheel tire available. Carve faster, climb higher, and shred harder than ever before!

Available in TX-33 (medium / 52 shore) compound only

Tire mounting instructions:

-Always follow mounting instructions listed on the tire warning label

-Use a lubricant on the bead seat area of the wheel and tire

-Remove the valve core to inflate

-Use an air compressor with adequate tank volume to inflate

-Use a diameter restraint to avoid stretching the tire and maintain the minimum diameter